C_Zodiac rush - components

Less than 5 minutes to learn

Over 200,000 copies sold

2 to 6 players, ages 10+

Now also available in English!

With over 200,000 copies sold, Zodiac Rush (org. in Vietnamese Cuộc đua sao chổi), has brought boundless fun and excitement to many families! Now we are super thrilled to announce our brand new release of the international version! Scroll down to explore more about the game.


Game Overview

You will race each other as zodiac characters to collect supply crates before a flaming comet hits and the city explodes. Zodiac Rush is a fun, super easy board game where you roll the dice, make strategic moves on the board and engage in exciting open drafting to collect powerful equipment cards. Also, make the best use of your zodiac character’s special skills to gain a competitive advantage and increase your chances of winning the game!

A perfect combination of fun, chaos and strategy!

How to play

The rules of Zodiac Rush are incredibly easy to learn, making it accessible and enjoyable for players of all experience levels! 

On your turn, there are three main actions:

  1. Draw 01 new equipment card
  2. Roll the dice and move your character on the board
  3. Collect 01 crate once you arrive at the any shop

In addition to these main actions, you can play your character’s skill card and/ or equipment cards to gain more advantages, steal crates or sabotage other players' moves. These cards can be played during your turn or even your opponent’s turn, depending on the colors indicated on the cards:

  • Red: you can only play this card during your turn
  • Green: you can play during any player’s turn

Zodiac characters

Let's meet some of our charming zodiac characters!

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